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Meet Your Photographer!

Arlene Dicks


Based out of Atlanta Georgia, but any destination is only a plane ride away. Shooting professionally for over four years, my photographic world revolves around capturing the fleeting moments of everyday life whether it be a fabulous wedding or an over-the-top event. I am continually inspired by you, from behind the lens and recognized by The Atlanta Tribune as “2010 Best of Atlanta “. The joys…the sorrows … the loves … the laughs are documented forever through my creativity, professionalism and artistry.


Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

As wedding expenses can be quite costly, couples are often searching for cost cutting options i.e. having a friend or family member photograph their day…after all, they own a digital camera right?. Let’s face it, everyone is a photographer these days, or aspires to be.  So much more goes into capturing your special day than just owning a camera. Planning a wedding which may be the biggest day of your life, can be quite stressful… but worrying about whether Uncle Bob forgot to take the cap off his lens or didn’t put a memory card in shouldn’t have to be one of those. Just as no two brides (or grooms) are alike, no two Professional Photographers are alike as well. When planning your wedding, here are some of the things to look for:


Yes in our age of technology, there are some questions that can be answered via e-mail or over the phone but it’s so important to meet your Professional Photographer in person and get to know his/her style, personality and make sure it’s a good fit with your expectations. Anyone can quote you a price, but if that’s the only thing you’re looking for you may have big regrets down the road.  Take your time to seek out a Professional Photographer that is friendly, punctual, has good customer service and people skills. Recommendations and affiliations with professional organizations is always a good start. We’re honored to be included in the selective membership of WPJA/Wedding Photojournalistic Association and PPA/Professional Photographers of America in addition to being voted “Best in Atlanta 2010″.  Make sure to do your homework and once you find the right one for you, an Engagement Session is a wonderful way to get comfortable in front of the camera, let your hair down before the big day and really get to know your Photographer one-on-one!


Although back in the day Grandma’s wedding pictures were quite lovely (and still are)…we’re just not that type of photographer! Our style is photojournalist, unrehearsed and contemporary! Photojournalism…not quite sure what that is? It’s a style which encompasses the candid moments, the laughs…the joys…and the tears through years of experience and anticipation of those special moments that only happen once! It’s storytelling at its finest…from the moment your eyes well up when your groom sees you for the first time, to the lingering hugs and kisses from your guests as you drive off  into the sunset to begin your new life together. Of course, Mom/Dad/Grandparents always request the traditional shots that include family members that traveled so far to celebrate you and the group photos with your long lost relatives…we’ll happily do those too! We invite you to take a peek at our Facebook page and feel free to “LIKE” our page if you like our style. For more detailed images, peruse Arlene Dicks Photographics and enjoy our galleries of beautiful real life weddings which include photos documenting the day from details-to-dancing!


Many places of worship have lighting restrictions during ceremonies yet you will still want those precious moments captured. A seasoned professional has equipment that can overcompensate when receptions are held in dimly lit venues, or churches where flash photography is not allowed without compromising your images. Advanced lighting skills and off-camera lighting are paramount when shooting under these circumstances.


Wedding day pace can be exciting and fast moving and sometimes things don’t always go as planned or stay on schedule…that’s just the nature of the day. With so many important elements combined to create your big day, something is bound to go askew…not to worry! We anticipate anything and everything, and are always on the ready so that we can get split-second shots when they happen. Flexibility is key!


Like second nature! Yes, we got the ring shots, the first kiss, the bouquet toss, the first dance…yes, yes, yes, while Uncle Bob is chatting with his long lost family member that he hasn’t seen in years! Sorry Uncle Bob…no offense, but we just know our stuff! Relax and enjoy the wedding!


There’s plenty of do’s and don’ts and professional etiquette goes a long way! You’ll never have to worry about us getting in the way of your videographer (if you choose to have one), or taking an unflattering picture of someone with their mouths full of food, (unless of course you want us to…that’s your call)! We realize there may be other wedding professionals there as well and we welcome them and always play nice!


Although all cameras look very similar there’s a big difference between the consumer grade and professional grade equipment. Under ideal conditions, your friend or family member could produce some very nice mementos as keepsakes of your wedding…but what about when the action starts…the dancing, the lighting, the bridal portraits and the family group shots? That can be a daunting task even for the best of professionals and there’s no time to learn as you go which could mean the difference between getting tack sharp bright images or dark blurry ones.


After the day is over, the post processing of your hundreds of images begin. Post processing…what’s that? Well, it’s color correcting, light balancing, tonal changes if necessary and cropping if needed. Then there’s the creation of your online gallery, selection of your images, and the customizing your beautiful wedding album heirloom. You may even decide you want oversize wall prints to display in your home. Most premium album and print companies reserve their services for professional wedding photographers. Your wedding day turned out fabulously but our job doesn’t stop at the end of the day.

When the last guest leaves, the presents are opened, and the tuxedos are returned, all you have left are your images and a chance to see all the behind the scenes, emotion filled moments that you missed while you were saying “I do”. One last final tip…remember it’s YOUR day! Look fabulous, savor each special moment and let us document it for you, creatively, artistically and professionally! Congratulations!

Photographically yours,


7 Reasons to Hire a Day-of-Wedding Planner


7 Reasons to Hire a Day-of-Wedding Planner



These days, many resources are available to help couples plan weddings themselves. With online budget templates and checklists, Pinterest inspiration and Youtube DIY tutorials, an organized person with a clear vision and available time can orchestrate a fabulous wedding! But, no bride or groom should be the main points of contact on their wedding day, no matter how organized and prepared they are. Not only will that inhibit them from fully relaxing and enjoying “Queen and King For A Day” status, it’s frustrating for vendors, the wedding party and guests who need assistance and direction.

Once the plans have been made, vendors secured and invitations are in the mail, couples need to hire a day-of-coordinator to ensure their wedding goes as planned. Here are seven of the most important ways day-of-wedding coordinators work to make a couple’s wedding day a success:

1.      Timeline management. Many venues have limitations on how long their spaces can be utilized and charge extra fees when that time is exceeded. It’s the wedding coordinator’s job to keep couples from incurring additional costs by making sure they stay on schedule.

2.      Checklist review. It helps to have a professional set of eyes review plans to identify gaps and oversights. A coordinator will make sure every item needed is accounted for from the unity candle and napkins down to the bride’s veil and Spanx!

Picture3.      Vendor, family and guest management. It is important to manage vendors’ arrival times and ensure they’re providing all the services agreed upon in the couple’s contract. Invitations provide family and guests with where to show up and when, but once that happens, they’ll need help figuring out where to leave gifts, where the nearest restrooms are and other logistical details. Not to mention, there are unique aspects of every family dynamic such as divorced parents, people with special needs, and other unique situations that a professional coordinator is trained to manage with care.

4.      Rehearsal direction. This is a great opportunity for couples to see how all the most important people in their lives will come together in choreographed unity on their wedding day. As observers, they can make suggestions to tweak certain elements then sit back and relax as the coordinator makes magic happen.

5.      Unwelcome surprise response. Nothing tops the comfort in having a professional spring into action when rain clouds appear out of nowhere or to sew a loose seam in a bride’s dress before she walks down the aisle.

6.      Picture coordination. Many a timeline has been thrown off because the couple lacked a picture plan. Not only can a coordinator document must have pictures in advance, they can direct the process so that each one is taken in an efficient and organized manner.

7.      Finishing touches. On a couple’s wedding day, they don’t have time or the opportunity to see and experience every creative element they planned and paid for. A professional ensures that the favors, decor and any other special details are set up in a way that’s picture perfect so they can see in photos (at a later date) what their guests see in person at the wedding.

If you know an engaged couple who does not have a professional to assist them in bringing their plans together, suggest day-of-coordination. It’s much more affordable than full service planning and will help them tremendously. If they don’t have enough funds to cover the costs, offer it as a gift. Them relaxing on their wedding day with only the love of their life in their thoughts is the sweetest gift they could receive and one they’ll always be thankful for.

Keshawn Hughes provides day-of-wedding coordination and advice through her company, Event Passion, LLC, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more of her posts about love, wedding ideas and pretty things

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The Wimbish House – Atlanta Buckhead Wedding

Nestled amongst the commercial skyscrapers and the bustling Peachtree Street traffic sits the Victorian styled Wimbish House. Distinguished by its intricate detailing, gables and French Renaissance ornamentation, this Midtown icon was chosen by Krystal and Andrew to exchange their vows and celebrate their beautiful wedding. Although the parking is extremely limited, (it can only accommodate up to 6 vendor vehicles), nearby venues i.e. The W Hotel, and Colony Square make up for the lack of space. The beautiful architecture and the many stylized rooms of the mansion outweigh the urban setting in fact, it’s kind of like a diamond in the rough.  As the evening began to wind down, we were able to capture some great twilight and beautiful evening shots of the newlyweds.

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Heritage Green – Sandy Springs Wedding

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Some weddings are so eventful and this one was truly no exception! Held at Heritage Green located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the venue offered many picturesque destinations for a variety of exceptional photo opportunities.  The location, home of the historic Williams-Payne House boasts a romantic gazebo, covered terrace and elegant reception hall. The bride and groom, Virginia and Brian added a playful twist to the reception activities with a beanbag toss, multiple lawn games and chalk written menu boards.

Callanwolde – Ashley & Taylor

DSC_1904-2DSC_1135 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-379DSC_1160 Awarm pre-summer day under the blue skies at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center was the perfect setting for the garden weddings of Ashley and Taylor. Attended by 30 guests, their intimate wedding was attended by close family and friends followed by a delicious brunch.


_D7S5031Teresa and Daniel reflect on what the future holds as they anticipate their beautiful country club wedding in Tallahassee, FL. It’s always a thrill knowing I’ve been chosen to document the wedding day…a day that little girls dream about for a lifetime. When all is said and done, the vows have been spoken, the guests have left, the food is consumed, and the limo has driven off into the sunset… all that is left are the photos that document that magical day and it’s always my honor to provide them. As I reflect back on 2012, I’ve been lucky enough to witness that joyous occasion over and over again. What a fantastic year…and to think 2013 is going to be even better! HAPPY NEW YEAR


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